13.3" Apple MacBook Pro i5

The  13.3" Apple MacBook Pro i5laptop is designed nothing as you have seen before. Even though Apple has stuck with this design for some years now it's still a breathtaking design. When you buy a MacBook you're not only paying for the specs you are also paying for the craftsmanship. You're paying for something that will last you many years and that works well with your other Apple products. It's great that Apple uses aluminum in its MacBooks because it helps spread the heat out away from the processor.

Another great thing Apple has implemented in its MacBooks is the backlit keyboard.You have used it a handful of times to type in the dark and it's been working really good. The light is evenly spread throughout the keyboard making it very easy to see and to use. Another cool thing Apple has always done is putting its Apple logo on the back of the MacBook making it light up when your computer is on. It's a simple thing that makes the Mac look premium.