Silver Samsung Galaxy Watch

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Live a stronger, smarter life with the Silver Samsung Galaxy Watch at your wrist. Rest well and stay active with built-in health tracking that balances both your mind and body. With sleep cycle tracking, reminders to keep moving, calorie tracking, guided meditation, and breathing exercises for stress management, this extraordinary tool will quickly become your new go-to everyday accessory.

Bluetooth connection keeps everything at your wrist; even when your phone isn't in reach, you can make and take calls with the integrated speaker and voice mic, respond to texts, and access scores, headlines, and playlists. Sport a stylish gadget that does it all when you slide the 46" Samsung Galaxy Watch onto your wrist and start your day.



  • Galaxy Watch makes it simple to balance mind and body.
  • Improve the quality of your rest with integrated sleep cycle tracking.
  • Stay hydrated and get reminders to keep moving throughout the day.
  • Track calories burned and calories consumed.
  • And when things get stressful, reset with guided meditation and breathing exercises.
  • A single charge takes you through up to 5 days.
  • Stay organized with Galaxy Watch's easy rundown of appointments and reminders when you wake up.
  • With Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, you can make a payment from your wrist with just a tap.